Monday, July 12, 2010

To or not to.

Today, I thought I have not left. I could not. I can not. '
Thing is am I willing to. Answer is a no.
Why is it so hard.
When you have chosen while I have not.

To or not to.

That is a hard one to ponder. To decide. To realize.
Now I wish I am at a stranger's place so I would not see what is left by you.
To endure this alone...

Really wish I will find my strength and surpass you in this run.

I won't let you win...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Two Days

Well, to be honest, it's only a day less than 24hrs you'll be up in a flight to UK. I try and is still trying to be alright from the day everything ended that both of us will be fine. The very day I am afraid to see is tomorrow where you will say your final farewell to me and let go of the very familiar hand of mine. The very familiar face I see for the last two years plus will then be in the heart for long.

I tried to write a post for you...but my hands are so stiff now and my heart is very cold. The weather today seem to know how I feel and seem to be doing real good at it. I don't know where to start. Really. So shaken with the fact that we will be literally away from each other half way around the globe; so worried of how things will eventually work out for the both of us.

For now, I can only look at the clock as it strikes 4pm, 4th July 2010 as it ticks until the very final day of tomorrow. Til then, I wish you the best.

I will always miss you and love you close to my heart.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello peeps!

Again, sorry for the long hiatus. But worry not, I just gave a new minor face lift to the blog and hopefully, soon enough I'd be back with some outings with my girls.

Dear Kent, is leaving to UK to pursue his studies and I won't be seeing him anytime soon. Heart is pretty scattered but I guess an ending leads to a new beginning, ain't it? I am having an emotional turmoil these days..But only with challenges in life, would one gain and learn more. I believe in that. Same goes to everyone.

Alright. It's just a short update that I'm still around and til then, take care darlings!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rains and flood

I drove out to get my dog Jacko some food and damn, the rain poured heavily and it blinded my sight the whole journey to Taipan. Poor Jacko, he was starving for few days already. He must be cursing me with his barking about me being a terrible master. Hehe.

On the way back, I noticed the cars stopped moving when the light was green. The water rise and saloon cars like mine would have to stop to see if we are able to drive across the flood. I went to the left lane considering that the other far right end are slightly lower than the left. My car went across and I thought at one moment , my car smoked! I heard some funny noises coming out from the car. I was not sure if it was from mine or was it from the other vehicles. Fortunately, my car did not die on me and I reached home safely.

Maybe I should get a bigger car to prevent this from happening. This kind of silly thoughts make me paranoid all the time and I have always wanted a BIG FOOT to drive around. You know, those that you watch in TV where they could ram over cars easily like tiny little ants being squashed. hehe.

gimme money~!

On a random note, I miss you Ting~! Come back soon so we could have loads of outings together again. =)
Ting and I


Friday, January 15, 2010

What is fair?

Sorry for my long hiatus. I've been in my own little world and it took me sometime to come out from my 'pupa' haha.

I have a question for everyone. I have been dwelling in this matter for sometime now. I could not figure it out still. hrm.. So I am asking for a favor, a little help from everyone =)

What is fair. Apakah makna keadilan. 什么是公平?

Enlighten me people. Where's justice. What sense does it make to mankind. To people like me, a girl who just wants a little fun and freedom. When freedom is a human right I believe, no one can take that away. So why am I born with ties and boundaries. I feel like I'm at the butterfly metamorphosis where I should be flying freely leaving the pupa but I am not. I am still here. Still the same. No where to go.