Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rains and flood

I drove out to get my dog Jacko some food and damn, the rain poured heavily and it blinded my sight the whole journey to Taipan. Poor Jacko, he was starving for few days already. He must be cursing me with his barking about me being a terrible master. Hehe.

On the way back, I noticed the cars stopped moving when the light was green. The water rise and saloon cars like mine would have to stop to see if we are able to drive across the flood. I went to the left lane considering that the other far right end are slightly lower than the left. My car went across and I thought at one moment , my car smoked! I heard some funny noises coming out from the car. I was not sure if it was from mine or was it from the other vehicles. Fortunately, my car did not die on me and I reached home safely.

Maybe I should get a bigger car to prevent this from happening. This kind of silly thoughts make me paranoid all the time and I have always wanted a BIG FOOT to drive around. You know, those that you watch in TV where they could ram over cars easily like tiny little ants being squashed. hehe.

gimme money~!

On a random note, I miss you Ting~! Come back soon so we could have loads of outings together again. =)
Ting and I