Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Astro Star Quest

Astro Star Quest formerly known as Astro Talent Quest is now on air, every Sunday at 7pm-9pm, Channel 311 on Astro.

Alright. Everyone was wondering where have I been over the last few months. The matter of fact is I participated Astro Star Quest 2008. Initially, I went for the audition as my elder bro, Eric persuaded me. The audition 2mths plus ago did not stop my journey. Fortunately, after 3 rounds of auditions, I was selected as the top 21 who will be battling viciously up till to the final.

Now, I am the chosen 5 representing malaysia to taiwan for this popular singing competition. I'll be leaving on the 5th and will be back with either BAD or GOOD news for you all. Then, I will continue the rest of the preliminary rounds of Astro Star Quest. So, pray hard that I get into the finals. =)

I thank you for the overloaded smses and messages online and calls from those who had made an effort to do so. I've been really occupied over the months attending press conference, shootings, roadshows, interviews and so on. Apology to everyone yeah?!

Alrights. Got to go. see ya!


Vivian said...

hey debbie,u donoe who am i,jz found ur blog accidently.just to wish u all the best in the competition.good luck ur best and do not give up...god u!!

Andrea said...

hello debbie....
u know what i watch the astro talent quest...i love ur singing
i will support u in the singing contest...i admire u and ur elder bro
..when u sing eng songs...was so relaxing...hehe...don't give up k ?
Jia you~~
God bless u to final!...

Valentine said...

hi , debbie . i jus accidently found ur blog as well when i was searching ur music 2 download . i jus wanna let u noe u r the best among wan chean n natalie . im so impress wit ur melodic sound tone , it makes me feel so calm n comfortable . i wil support
n vote u 4 sure . jus keep up ur good work do ur best in the nxt competition . +u+u . KAMBATEH!!!

OnLyBuBu said...

arlox debbie...
i love ur singing ^^
muz gambateh on ur singing oo
can v b a friend?
i realy hope 2 noe eu~
good luck
god bless ya ^^

Andrea said...

hello debbie
i know you got number second
but it okay at least your brother is still supporting you right ?
hehhe...thats great already k ?
say hi to your brother for me ^^

shuvonne said...

hi debbie....ur best...
u sing so well...
i also accidently saw ur blog here...
well so admirer ur bro and i alos so support u...can see u have the talent...and wish u can get number 1...but nvm...dun give up ....jia you whn go hong kong ya~~~all hte best and good luck

ex-CHS-ian said...

Hey debbie..
I was praying real hard that u will win !! i're way better than the rest.. but oh well.. be like gary chao and get famous in taiwan !!

All the best gal