Tuesday, October 2, 2007


So yeah as you can read, boobies is every guy's favourite. Even women loves it so much that some couldn't resist getting boobjobs. Anyway, I always think that it's nothing special..just extra flesh infront of your chest. I prefer having it small instead of biggie ones. Imagine how would you look like having your boobs similar to big water balloons that bounce up and down when you run? No. It's not a turn on. Besides, it's not easy to handle the weight itself and then to have backpain constantly. ><

Yes, I don't blog an entry about boobies unless it's relevant to what I'm about to share now. After college today, I came home and got prepared for a job interview at Kelana Jaya with Ashley later in the evening. A white linen alike material collared shirt matched with a knee length black skirt and off I left to Ashley's place.

We were pretty nervous during the interview. I could feel the heat and I did slightly stammered. Everything was going smoothly until one of my buttons slip off and my shirt was open. 'NICE' one!!! The two directors (GUYS) looked at my, NO! not my boobies..but my apple green bra at lovable sight! I quickly grab on to my shirt and fixed my shirt while answering them, trying to distract them away from looking at my bra. haha.

I guess the directors mst be thinking that I might be trying to seduce them after knowing I sounded like a total bimbo during the interview ><

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The Faux Fashionista said...

Aww...sorry to hear about that, you must have been freaked out! Did you get the job?