Monday, July 16, 2007

Delayed pictures!

Sorry for the overdued pictures! Please leave if you find any content from below are offensive or insulting. =) Or else, you could sit back and enjoy them like I did.

Maison Part 1

This is Dear Cece and Bebe. Bebe kissing her.

BeBe ruined the pic.

BeBe likes hugging even if there are two people >< Bebe likes kissing too *pouts her lips*

Maison Part II

Bebe and PeiSze lookin sizzling hawt.

BeBe and Cece! Love this pic =)

BeBe with EngSoon and Shar,simply gorgeous!
BeBe,Shar, Sam, & Reenz with our sexay backs =)

Bebe and two dahlings, PeiSze and SereneVictor and Arvind, the two dropby(s) at Maison that night. BeBe and Andrew , first shot..*had to say this, lol Andrew, were u lookin at my boobs? but u look disgusted..>< Haha. Chill. Second shot was better. I guess. =)

Family portrait =) Not all but yeah. =)

If you noticed, the difference between drunk and sober is quite alot. I was totally unpresentable on the first night but so much better on the 2nd night of maison. =)

Conclusion , don't drink and take pics. Ahem.

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