Saturday, May 26, 2007

Love Diary

I got Tagged! by dear Cinvin. lol


For those who have been tagged, you are required to write a story about one of your crushes, be it a current or previous crush. To be exactly different from current tags, There is no questions imposed this time. All you have to do is write a story about him/here. Also, 5 person will need to be tagged at the end of the post.

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Aite. This is hard. To be exact, I have no crush at the moment. I guess I have better love r'ships back in high school. haha. Anyway, I'll just talk about my very first crush/lover/bf/gudfriend. Yeah. He's the one could be any of those that I've mentioned. Perhaps, I was naive or innocent. Let's talk wayy back hrm, 5years ago. =)

*gotta try hard to remember*

I was sweet 16 that time. I ain't bragging but I used to perform on stage *being required by the teachers*. I used to be quite ignorant especially to guys. I wasn't like other girls who had bfs at early age like 13 as I rejected those who came after me. When I say ignorant, it's like ignoring you the next day to the extent of avoiding you if I realize you like me. Weird, but it's true.

I first heard of him was when my gf had a crush on him. He got pretty popular among the girls as he excels academically and sports. To me at that time, *Form 2* he was just a passerby who meant nothing to me at all. The following year was when I see him more often, for we were interactors. So, this little incident got me into knowing him more and more. I was asked to perform on one of the IU days, had to sing First Love, by Utada Ikaru.

He volunteered to lend me his Cd as I didn't have her song. Since then, we exchanged number and started messaging. Those days were so lovely and sincere. It was nothing more than just falling in love with him naturally as time flies. We would had eye contacts whenever we walk pass each other's class. It was my first time getting to know someone this close. (to just think of him and no one else in mind).

We got together on my bdae. It was the sweetest thing happened in my life! Ironically, our bdae was just a day different. I would write him letters, poems and hide them in his bag when he's not around. But, I guess things weren't the same as rumours spread around. I was innocent and I got really confused. I couldn't recall how long did we got together but the amount of love that I spilled was too much, that I couldn't stop loving him.

Fast Forward.Bla3. We came to a point of not talking to each other. Not even hibye friends. Devastating til it shattered my heart into pieces. Til the very point that we graduated from highschool, I thought it was the end and that I need to get back to my life. Unexpected. It never ended. I saw him again on the very first day of my college orientation. As time flies, things faded and I guess we were slightly better, as hibye friends.

I can't remember but we kept in touch thru friendster messages. This went on til he left to Ukraine to further his studies and I only got to know thru his friends. Surprisingly, we got closer after he left as we kept in touch thru msn. Each yr, we would message each other on our bdaes (I'd message him on his and he'd wish me the next day) . Whenever he's back, we'd go out and it was much better than before.

5Years ago, when things ended between us, I thought it was th eend of the world for I love you endlessly. But, I'm very glad that 5years later, we are so much closer than before. I guess he was the only one whom I really loved. I knew nothing about love and he was the first that made me understood the meaning of loving someone. I ain't a better lover now. Sometimes, I don't even know how to love and the feeling of love anymore. But, that piece of memory of us both really meant something. I could still feel the feeling of loving him that time now. =)

It's a really sweet one. I guess both of us would remember this for the rest of our lives. *hugs*

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