Wednesday, May 30, 2007

assgmt=increase of suicidal rate

Have you ever had sleepless nights despite how hard you try to close your eyes and force yourself to sleep? My sleeping time is upside down. Ever since the holidays filled with neverending clubbings and outings, postbreakup symptoms, new sem=pilledup assignments. Gosh. I have no interest in looking into the mirror anymore, I have no mood to wear makeups and be presentable at 24/7, I have no motivation to pamper myself from head to toe already. My skin gets so dry, my eyebags are so thick *can fight with tht juju's one*, my dark circles like black eyeshadow, my zits like popcorns poppin out crazily! URGH.

Will be going up to Alor Setar for Uncle's open house this Friday and sadly, I'm going there together with worries and stress. Advertising assignment is due this 4th June and that 48hrs is spent away from my house. Distractions and damn. Mum jst won't let me stay here with my assignment! =(

alrites..the subang monkeys recently got a new blog for their updates of their lives' happening. So far, pretty cool..FREE PUBLICITY WEIH! *u peeps belanja tau!*


til then, nites!
*back to her readings*

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