Saturday, May 5, 2007

Daddy, my hero always

Many of us would have our own superheroes. Some may go for Superman like my elder bro, some would go for Transformers, Spidy-man and so on. Well, for me..Daddy will be my only hero for my entire life!

When I was younger, Bro and I would always fall 'asleep' in the car or in the living room as daddy would be our hero; gently carrying us up to our rooms, and quietly covered us with our blankies and make sure there were no nightbugs to disturb our sleeps. Daddy has this manly features, which goes with his egoistic personality too. But, he has the heart of gold and his humour side which no one would thought of! His thick and warmth hands would always find mine whenever we cross the roads. Still, a lil male chauvinist and a conservative daddy like others, he would always ensure that everyone is taken care under his protection.

There are soo many things that I would write about my dad which I guess, I shan't bore u guys off! =)

Dear Daddy,

I would want to tell you that my love to you would be endless and that I'll always want you to be happy and healthy. May you stay HANDSOME AND MACHO and earn more more ka-ching! ka-ching! hehe..Happy Birthday to you Daddy! MUAH MUAHS~ *tight huggies*

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