Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hey peeps and dahlings whom I heart!

Sorry for the missing. I haven't felt such an agony of doubt. I was occupied with tons of assignments the last weeks. =( on top of that, I even fell sick after completing them. Dislike the idea of me not being able to take in the amount of stress weekly. Besides, I couldn't find much to blog lately, maybe it's the weather. Oh, I have no idea.

I guess, I'm mentally different than others. There are ways of distressing and I bet, none of my friends would choose driving! Unlike me, I realized I've been indulging in driving. So called, driving to drive my stress-ness away? hoho.. Mind you, I ain't a reckless driver.

Apart from driving to college back and fro, I drive Kevin to school, drops him when he has basketball sessions, to run errands, and this morning..I actually drove to Subang (USJ to Ss14 to Ss15), and that was for like an hour just to get Jacko his food. Now, I understood of REAL MEANING OF why guys love their cars so much. Car=closest companionship=during bad and good times+loyal+and 24/7 always there for us. =)

Bro sent me a new link of his new blogsite. Again. Another saying, he had few blogsites already but he said this will be his official ones. Someone's attending latin class? Damn. I wish I'm there. Away from this hectic unwanted lifestyle! hmph.

Sorry again. I guess my entries haven't been interesting enough as I hardly club anymore. =(
I'm on a hibernating season. *huggies* miss ya all!

For now, Yumchayumchayumchayumcha..hohoho

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d3ns said...

yeah man.. eheheh car RULES!!! woo hoo..