Friday, January 5, 2007

A way to forget

Bebe ain't machine, ain't a software or hardware with any options like to 'delete', 'save' or 'block'.
Bebe needs time and the only way is to occupy myself. Bebe was out everyday eversince the breakup. BeBe hates having time alone in the abode where I could go crazy being nostalgic.

So yesterday was the night I could escape to a fantasy world where I could just put it aside, least for a couple of hours. The gurls and I went to Maison and Bebe bumped into loads of friends and a netfriend who got back from Aussie for holidays. HEh..he's cute *teehee* Bumped into MaowJun n ZhengWei, Ah Jun n Ah Kit, Ah Gan, MingWei,Victor,Boon, Caryn and too many to remember!

The kind boy, Kevin picked me up and a small incident made me stoned a little. *laughs* We passed by fishie's place and as usual, I'd look. Surprisingly, Bebe actually saw him. He was in the inside lane while Kevin's car passed by just like that. How ironic, it was a quick glance and he was in his black cap and red polo.

Time flew really fast yesterday. Despite the massive headache I had, I turned myself to vodka and dehydrated them on the podium! Reached home by 3plus and I only slept with mylaptop on at 6am.
BeBe's down with sorethroat, now coughing badly, and flu. Chengpupuuu~you're my next week's outing yea? 'night at the museum' and sakae sushi!!yummy~

Now, let the pictures tell you more how the night went =)

p/s: Bebe miss Baybee alot. Wished I could be in your arms and hear your heartbeat. I miss your smell, the way we hold hands when you were driving, when we watched movies together, when I could put my chin on your shoulders when i stand behind you, your everything. i have to put up a wall around me so you wouldn't know i nid u so. i love u loads.

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