Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Fades Away With The Tears

Happy New Year!

Tammie has pictures of her bf and a sentence which says, "HAppy 1st Anniversary"

Wei Leng has many pictures of the gurls and their bfs including hers too..

Mine has nothing to share..I don't want to sound pathetic here in my blog about the thing that doesn't matters anymore.

Baybee and I broke up yesterday 2hours b4 countdown, hopefully, we'll b friends..Goodfriend just like mingwei and I could be.

1st 'gift' of 2007. I was crying and smudged my makeups over the eyes at first, and then it continued from feeling sad,-->lost-->consoling-->dissapointed. Anyhow, after all the thoughts of him throughout the night, I still believe he is doing the best for the both of us.

Fishie, u'll still be my gdfriend, and if u sayang Bebe, do be my close friend. *tight hugs*

Was at KL, Bangsar and Simon's relative's place but GOSH I HAD FUN AT HOLIDAY VILLA with Ming Wei and others of the guys and gurls there! great party..

MingWei intro-ed me to all the bachelors there and got me tipsy or maybe drunk right on the spot! Haha. Got me entertained by few of the 'bachelors' ..Can't remember any of their names but Jude was one, Victor hrmm..argh~ I can't get it in head

Pictures would tell =)

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