Saturday, December 23, 2006


Bebe enjoys meeting new friends, what more old friends! Bebe haven't seen any of her old high school friends the moment she left Catholic High. It is always important to keep in touch with friends as she does believe, friends play a big part in completing her memory lane. =)

Wan Ting was one of her high school friend whom she hardly keeps in touch with. However, the-one-time-meet-up during the 50th CHS anniversary last few months, both of them were able to exchange smses and calls now and then. It was so hard to actually make this happen, haha. Blame Bebe for being a terrible friend;hardly find a suitable time and space to go out with her and others til yesterday. Wan Ting came and picked me up to Mid Valley for a movie, Eragon.
The movie was just a moderated film to me. Probably, it ain't much of Bebe's type of movie preference. Despite that, Bebe do thinks the story line was pretty good though. Do try to get a look at the trailer if you are interested. =)

Bebe bought a Quiksilver jacket for fishie yesterday. It is a reversible jacket, whereby you can where them inside out, 2in1. Costs Bebe all her last savings of the month, by means she would have to starve already. *grins* Wrapped it nicely and gave it to him yesterday. He wanted XL so we went back to midvalley for an exchange today.

Bebe wants the Guess watch badly =( but would only get it next month due to some circumstances. *sniff*


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