Monday, December 25, 2006

Cecilia's Ahern, "Rosie Dunne"

I missed reading her previous books, such as "P/S I love You" and "If You Could See Me Now" but it doesn't matter because the one I read was good enough to be one of her new loyal readers. =)
I remember I bought this book like months ago, for one of my presentation purposes. I love this one, personally for it triggers me so much about how we think about life. Ironically, this is how it worked!
It talks about a destined couple who only got together after many thicks and thins. Surprisingly, it got me thinking about how God could twist our lives with just a twitch! haha
Trust me, this is a good one. I'm not done with Nicholas Spark's, "The Notebook" yet. Maybe I should get a few more novels before the holiday ends. =)
Lately, I've been listening to jazzy slow songs, give it a shot to Michael Buble, Norah Jones, and Oliver James! They do accompany me when the night, the Net, the other slow songs couldnt put me to sleep.
My diet is going down the drain. I've been eating again, even though I tried stopping. Love hearing compliments and praises and the attentions from the guys again. It has been sometime since the last time i actually gained so much weight and I was like a loneranger 24/7. GRR~
Christmas ain't anything I expected to be. Melanchony filled the atmosphere yesterday while confusions filled my heart today. 'Nice' =)
Again, Merry Christmas to everyone whom I adore, love and care =)

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