Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cell Phones

Mannn~ Bebe hardly finds herself interested with any gadget but this one, is an exception! I saw an advertisement of a new Sony Ericsson, Z610i the other day. It's flip phone and it's in Sizzling HOT PINK

So yesterday, I checked out the website and some reviews about this 'lady'. It has multiple functions such as the 3G, with a 2.0megapixels *great for a vainpot like me!* and much likely, handy to handle when you want to use the Web. The cell phone comes in classy and sporty colours such as Black, HOT PINK, and turquiose. Pretty much an integrated functions where you could blog right away the moment your pictures are captured, where you can go 24/7 online to check your mails, download new games and songs.


Oh yea! 5more days to New Year! Heard there are 2 to 3raves around. Anyone? Holla me aight!! I haven't gone out wif Marcus, David, Edwin, Nyit Tung, San San and others! miss ya all!

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