Friday, December 29, 2006

Confession of a Confused Heart

Yesterday, I got a new book for myself from MPH. It's 'Confession of a Shopaholic' by Sophie Kinsella. Actually, it was Baybee who got the book for me which makes it even memorable. I wanted to get 'If you could see me now' by Cecilia Ahern, but was short of cash.

Chilled out at a new club known as Aloha, it wasn't that great but I guess Sarah and I did rocked the place! *evil laughs* Met up with Alex, my ex-college friend whose now my petbro and Isaac and another few more friends. It was great considering the fact I missed clubbing sessions for sometime already.

Check out some pictures which I've edited.

Alex, Bebe, Sarah and Isaac

Sarah & Bebe

Baybee fishie and Bebe
**Things ain't the way they are supposed to be. The sun still rises from the East, the rain still falls from the sky above, yet scars remained once hurt. Bebe doesn't want to get hurt, but probably this is why it hurts even more when Bebe tries protecting herself.**
No Matter How, BeBe heart him still =)

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