Friday, December 22, 2006

The New Creation

First and foremost, this is a whole entire completely new BLOG just for close friends to view. Bebe realized that her previous blog , 'Loviebebe' was sort of messy and filled with unomitted information regarding too much of her personal life. So, here I am, with a new blog and a brand new life upon welcoming the year of 2007. =)

Shall I begin with a short introduction of myself. BeBe had already lived half of her lifetime being a stucked up, over emotional and unmotivated young lass who haven't been satisfied with any of her achievements. Yet, she still loves her family, consisting of her loving parents and two other more annoying yet very close brothers. She doesn't have the look of Paris Hilton nor a devillish Body, but she does have some amazing talents! Let's see..she sings, she dances, she talks, and she shops til she drops! *laughss* Hey, what makes these normal routines outshines on her is because she is hell good in it. She sings and ain't bragging about it, she did won some enormous title(s) and prizes. She dances, not much of a big achievement but it's her passion that matters! She talks just like others, yet to be a good reputable problem solver ain't easy! She shops, hell yeah ! and without the need to burn her purse a big hole is pretty much a good thing to know!

The year of 2006 is filled with miseries, crazy-ness, new friends, ups and downs, thick and thin but mainly, sadness and heartaches. On the contrary, God passed down a perfect fairy-tale-alike romance for Bebe when she thought the year was heck of a horrible year. Bebe got herself a 'fishie'! I call him fishie and he loves Bebe just the way she wanted to be treated. For an ordinary-girl-next-door, this is definitely more than enough to be proud of. =) *bebe gives fishie a big big kiss!-muacks!-*

Anyhow, life could be such a misery to live but it is all worth it when a simple happy thing that anyone of us could wished for, can become real. =)

Merry Christmas to y'all~ HO HO HO =D

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