Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I do besides singing

Everyone must be wondering what do I do when I'm not singing. Yes i'm a slacker. I don't get to go out often as my house is under renovation. Yea. I'm a 'watchdog' but when times get lucky, I'll be out to meet up my friends for chilling session, movies marathon, bonding session and etc. I go shopping, run errand and online.

I rarely go out with other circles of friends, only the really close ones. =) I miss my clubbing days, but again, I live a healthier lifestyle.

This picture was taken when I was out to BarClub for their event last few weeks.
The girls, me? 3rd one from the left =)
Calvin, Jenny, Me, ChiaHoe, MayFay, Kellysis
Sweet Wennie and I
Us again @ TTDI for Mel's prebirthday celebration =)
Nicer and decent pose. haha

I'm so awaiting for the Christmas Eve get-along-gathering and the long awaited trip to Langkawi on the new year's eve!! oh oh and my friends from overseas are all back! Really gotta meet up for real. =) I miss everyone. Really.

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