Saturday, October 4, 2008

Productive day

It's been such awhile since I last posted a long dreadful post with pictures and pictures! Early this morning, I forced myself to wake up at 8am to attend DannyBoy's Motosikal 2.0 version press conference. So I hurriedly drove out to Astro and met the others of ASQ dahlings at the canteen with our gifts for Danny.

Since he's my nu ren (pompuan) and I'm his nan ren (laki) lol, I was being more generous. Haha. Initially, I wanted to get him a white helmet with cute stickers over it or a kid yellow umbrella. Just to be creative. =) I ended up getting him something more practical which are a raincoat, straps of panadol, tiget balm and a Ridsect aerosol.

I took some pictures during the conference but some are with Chean's hp. After hugs and wishes, he left to Sarawak already. =( I'm going to miss him.
during the press conference when Bernard aka TauFuPok gave Danny disposable underwear! lol

The rest of us which includes Natalie, Julio, Gary, HaoRen, WanChean, Siao Mei, and KahJun all left to Sri Petaling for branch! I received Wendy's birthday pressie for me from WanChean and it was so lovely. A picture frame of us taken during our round 1.
Later of the day, I left to KLCC for shopping spree! yay! I got myself a pair of hot pink heels and some beautiful cardigans from GAP. Very satisfying. Very productive.

Here below are some pictures I took with the ASQ dahlings. Enjoy. =)
WanChean and BeBe
Lil Mei with me =) She's always petite.
Natalie and BeBe @ Sri Petaling
The vainpot Gary and I
KahJun and BeBe. Dont you think he looks really cute here?
Me with Dannyboy's helmet! haha.

Alright then. Thats all for now. I have tons to do on Sunday till Wednesday. Hectic!


坤女~盈 said...

such a hapi day

valerie微乐莉亚 said...

hey bebe,remenber me o not~~hehe
miss u so much lo.
hmmm...see u all can gathering im very xian mu..aiyaya..
anyway..muz jia you lah~
miss u much
god bless lah~
love u~~haha