Tuesday, September 11, 2007

it takes time..

It takes time to have courage to love,
It takes time to leave or stay in a relationship,
It takes time to forgive,
It takes time to forget,
It takes time to succeed,
It takes time to stand up after you fall,
It takes time to open up for others to know you better,
It takes time to feel secured and loved,
It takes time to prove that your love is for real,
It takes time to sense lies,
It takes time to move on,
It takes time to think, to feel and to sense..

I guess it takes time for every little steps you take in life to make yourself a better person, even if it might take forever. More importantly, it takes time for someone to change and I believe you did. At least, we are now in peace and not having angers or hatreds in ourselves. It is tiring to hate, whatmore to someone I really cared for? I am happy that you are doing good now...

On a lighter note, I'm onlty left with a couple of months being identified as a student. By any means, I'll be graduating soon and my course mate and I have been worrying alot lately. I guess, we realized everything will change and it takes time, again to accomodate and adapt with the sudden change. Ahhh~ it's so saddening especially we have became so much closer to one another now. =(

Oh yeah, Prom is on the 19th October 2007 and it's not to be missed! My college mates got so excited about it and that I guess, I need to get ready! Anyway, I should be thinking more about my birthday which is like weeks away only. I really have no idea on what to do even though it's my 21st! Sigh....

Alrites, it's a long long post but oh well, it's been awhile since I last do this. peeps! take care aight! muahsies~

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