Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ti Amo

Bro written a song called Ti Amo..simply means I love U..

Its a chinese song but I translated it to my own lyrics in English. I hope you enjoyed the lyrics like I did =)

Ti Amo

I have never been so lost in love
Never thought of what I'd do anymore
Laying on my bed thinking of you
Wondering if things were better, how would it be?

You were everything that I needed the most
Everything were so great before you left
I stil believe there is love in between us
All I wanna do is , you to stay with me

I'll be waiting although it takes forever
I just want to have our love back again

Ti Amo
Will you ever reminisce what we've been thru?
Ti Amo
Will you think of me like the way i do?
Ti Amo
All the sleepless nights without you baby
I dont want anyone else except you

Ti Amo
Would you love me more, how you kissed me before
Ti Amo
Would you care for me, you were so sweet before?
Ti Amo

All the times i tried to find a way
To your precious heart with my love in you
Ti Amo

it just soothes me listenin to that song. I'm at my lowest again.

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