Monday, April 30, 2007


It was a night which I was looking forward to. I wanted to club and drink and spend the crazy night with my friends at the podium dancing endlessly! Innitially, I was supposed to go Maison with Sarah but her guyfriends were all engaged with work. Oh well, last minute cancellation and I got pretty desperate. Ya know, the more u can't have it right, the more u want to fix it? was something I have since young. Hence, the 'desperation communication' aka scouting for more outings with other bunch of friends plan started! In the end, Ashley dearie got me out from the house! Her dear friend, actually drove out from BU to my place and back to BU to club. *touched* It was one of the crazy night I had without going to the podium. =) *huggies* I miss ya ashleyyyy muah~

Simple day, nothing much and I had a movie date with Pei Sze and EngSoon at EngSoon's crib for TMNT *For those who isn't clear, TMNT=the mutant ninja turtles*. I thought Serene babe, Lil May or Dennis would be there as well. But, hahah it was just us and oh Andrew went too. I drove this time as I brought Kevin along. So, I didnt want him stay too long outside without an option to go back earlier if i tumpang friend's car. Had dinner at one mamak shop and got back to ES's crib for the movie. Unexpected, the movie only lasted like an hr plus.

Woke up quite early and a nightover at Genting. Kevin and I spent like 200 plus at the arcade, movie, and food. Sadly, I didnt get myself any new apparels this time. I'm on budget now =(. Saw a S'porean Actor at the CD shop and I took a huge dare! I approached him for a picture together! YEAHH~ something I seriously wouldn't do, but I'm a masscommer. So something I already possess, I was in poise and not stammering. Stoner , I guess. He's nothing special bt love his height and broad shoulders. =)


Random thoughts
I somehow missed the idea of having eye contact with a total good looking stranger and I encounter it again today, somehow. =p This guy I so happen to see at the bowling alley, he looked hrmm..friendly and I noticed he looked at me. He was playing bowling while I sat at the table nearby, laughin at some of the noobies. Heh i'm evil! So we had the typical eye contact and all..When he masuked longkang, I burst out laughing and he saw. he ended up laughin too. hoho~

Another one, was this japanese look alike guy at the arcade playng Battle Gear 4. Kevin is an addicted exemplary of BG4. He too have the really attractive look with height and body. NICE! Something I like in guys - height and broad shoulders. >< Anyhow, he ended up lookin at me after I, myself played BG4. Probably, I was too SYOK drifting my car and loosing control over my car's position! haha.

I want cash. I want my Guess Shade back. Mum hasn't know any yet, shld I get the same pair or a diff one?

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