Friday, April 20, 2007


I missed the first 8am class again but I still went for the 2nd class from 10 to 12. After submitting my assignment, I drove to Pinkee to meet up with ZhiYuan, EngSoon, PeiSze and Serene for lunch. Nothing much. We had karaoke session today at Galaxy and I guess, I was the most emo one.

Drove home on a rainy day. Greyish sky filled with 'tears' which awaited impatiently to burst. The whole journey home kept me thinking on many things. I'd call this as emo week/season. Back then, I'd sleep in the car but haha, the feelings pretty different when it comes to me, driving on my own.

I really wanted to blog about something on anything, but mind's pretty blank. I need a booze, Andrew asked if I want to go to Loft, Ashley asked if I want to head down to Ruums with her, Guess what? I stayed home. ^^ Maybe tmrw's my night!

nights dahlings!

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