Saturday, February 3, 2007

Randomness aka bla3

Last Thurs, Mw and Juju picked me out to yumcha. In the end, we went to One U to find my gurls as I had to return WeiLeng her precious camera. Met up at TGI, and then walked around after that. Then, Mw and Juju had to leave already and I followed.

When I'm not out with them, I'd either be doing the daily routine aka bla3, or out at the city running for errands. Mum's sewing our new lovely curtains while I definitely rot like no one's business at times. She get miffed whenever I'm not around to help out and would lose her patience immediately when I'm home. Haha. I wouldn't get mad or provoked though alil annoyed,I find her cute. She'd look much more like a baby gurl having her grumbles for not getting her candy. =)

I didn't club this week. It's time to slow down a little. Been eating alot, so yeah perhaps I did gained some weight. Marcus Darl picked me up yest to One U again for another round of bowling! It was fun despite how heavy my left arm is today after playing4games nonstop. The last time I touched my bowling ball was like a year ago. ><

He dropped me at Asia Cafe where I then met up with Mw and other monkeys. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday. Probably the rotibakar I had for dinner wasn't fresh or something. Sweety Eng Soon accompanied me while we just sat at the Asia Cafe while others were foos-ed around. Juju came later then we all talked til 2plus when Mum called eeek >< ALERT TIME! ehehe

Tonight, might be out to Yoong Chin's bdae party at his place. Hrmm...

Anyway,Everyone Cheers!!

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